Let’s Look for Meteors!

Today marks 5 months since the WHO declared COVID-19 a pandemic, and everyone stopped going to school, to work, out in public, and we all just stayed home to stop the spread. In this time, people have learned to adapt their careers, and parents have done their best to educate their kids in the absence of formal public education. Still, we long for some non-screen entertainment (he said, while staring at a screen writing a blog post for the entertainment of others). Now we’re reaching that time of year where the Perseid meteor shower reaches it’s peak, with all the...

Everything you need to know about Mars 2020

Recently, NASA launched it’s next rover to Mars, following the 2012 arrival of Curiosity (I also can’t believe it’s been 8 years). The Perseverance rover has begun it’s 7 month journey, and to bring everyone up to speed, I made a video about the rover, the launch and landing, science instruments, science goals, and anything else that you need to know! Enjoy!