The Next Canadian Astronaut

This guy is everything you expect in an astronaut.  At least that was my first thought when I was looking at his biography.  David St. Jacques was one of only two candidates (along with Jeremy Hansen) chosen in the 2008 Canadian Astronaut draft, the third in our nation’s history. He has a degree in Engineering Physics, a Ph.D. in Astrophysics, and is a medical doctor.  And that’s just his formal education.  He’s an avid mountaineer, cyclist, skier, and sailor.  Not to mention his advanced certification as a scuba diver, his commercial pilot’s license, and his ability to converse in Russian, Spanish, and Japanese. And so...

Galaxies at a Glance

I just discovered a new YouTube channel that has been running for awhile.  It has astronomers from all over the world who talk about their work on the biggest and most intense pieces of telescope technology that we have on this Earth.  If you have a bit of time, a bit being about 15 minutes, you’ll want to check it out!