Some Shooting Stars for Christmas Wishes

The Geminid meteor shower passed earlier this month, but there is always something magical about those little bits of rock that burn up in the atmosphere while moving at 40 Km/s. Whatever you do for the holidays, have fun, be responsible, and definitely don’t drink and drive.  It’s not worth your life or anyone else’s. See you in a couple days!

China’s Unmanned Moon Probe Returns!

If you weren’t aware, new countries have entered the next space race.  India’s Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) named ‘Mangalyaan’ was successfully launched on November 1st, 2013, and has been orbiting Mars since its arrival on September 21st of this year.  China has been in the mix since 2007, and have been working to gradually increase their capabilities. Their latest mission, called ‘Chang’e 5-T1,’ was launched on October 23rd, and spent 8 days travelling to the Moon, performing a flyby, and returning safely.  This is the test mission before they send Chang’e 5 in 2017, a mission that will land on the...