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Okay to Actually make this a post sort-of worth viewing, I’ll quickly talk about a couple of new ideas and developments on my end.

1. In preparation for this blog and my usual astronomy related activities, I’ve been reading and paraphrasing one astronomy article every day, faithfully, since February. In the spirit of sharing and still getting practice, I’m going to blog about many of these articles with the goal of ‘making them accessible to the public.’ So I’ll take each article and talk about the concepts, to give me some practice in my ability to communicate science to an appropriate level.

2. My second ‘What’s the latest?’ podcast will air on Monday, April 29th, 2013 at 10pm EDT entitled ‘Supernovas.’ I’ll also be posting it in the ‘podcasts’ section of this blog on Monday morning for those who would like a preview.

3. I’m developing a new travelling science show as a compliment to my ‘Astronomy in Action‘ shows.  Right now the working title is ‘The Fire and Ice show,’ and as you can guess it’ll be pretty cool.

There I think that’s a slightly more worthwhile post – enjoy!

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  1. Excellent article. Thanks for sharing.

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