Moon Rhea Transits Saturn Beautifully

A lot of the data that comes from Space can be called art.  Though if you’ve ever seen raw Astronomical data, it’s anything but.  It takes a talented artist to bring out the detail in the photo and make it truly beautiful!  In the case of large missions like the Cassini Spacecraft, there are a plethora of scientists and artists alike making the most of the data.

Especially with Cassini, I always get the feeling it’s a professional photographer taking the photos.  The lighting, composition, and other photographic buzzwords are all exceptional, as if it was staged by someone saying ‘okay now you shift to the right a bit.’

This little video of the transit of Saturn’s Moon Rhea is as poetic as it gets.

I would say most of the images I see are artful in some regard, but go take a look at some raw astrophotography data and see how much the artist can really make a difference.  I’ve tried my hand at tweaking space photos, and I promise it is not easy.

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