A Song to laugh about the 176 Moons of the Solar System

About a year ago I had an idea for a music video.  I wanted to take a concept in science and put it to music, making it funny, catchy, memorable, and educational.  I wrote out the majority of the lyrics but left it alone for a few months, until I connected with the right friend.  My good friend Bob Wegner is a very talented guitarist and audio engineer, and as we spoke about the idea he wanted to be the guy to record it.  We spent an afternoon doing the vocals and guitars, and he cleaned it up and made me sound like a much better singer than I actually am.  I threw images of the moons together and added the lyrics, and yesterday it uploaded. So here you are: The Modern Major Moons.

It will be the first in what is hopefully a ton of interesting ways to communicate astronomy concepts.  Enjoy!

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