MOM Knows Best When Taking Pictures of Mars

Not one person’s mom, but specifically an entire nation’s.  India’s Mars Orbiter Mission is lovingly known as MOM and has been sending back science data that has put India on the Space Exploration Map, if there ever was one.  The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) launched the ambitious but cost-effective MOM Orbiter on November 5th, 2013.  With a bill of only 73 Million dollars, its the most cost-effective Mars mission ever, yet its sending back lovely images and science data that is worth every penny, at least to a biased spaceflight enthusiast such as myself.  Whatever you feel about the missions to other worlds, you can’t argue with the stunning photos that come in.

3D View of Arsia Mons Credit: ISRC-MOM
Pital crater from an altitude of 808 Km. Credit: ISRC-MOM
This is one of my favourites – a 3D view of Valles Marineris Credit: ISRC-MOM
High-Resolution Valles Marineris. Credit: ISRC-MOM
A gorgeous shot revealing an environmental feel to Mars as a planet. Credit: ISRC-MOM
This is my favourite image – a dark silhouetted Phobos against the discernable atmosphere of Mars. Credit: ISRC-MOM
Ancient Martian Volcano Tyrrenus Mons. Credit: ISRC-MOM

I can only imagine the images still to come as the orbiter continues its high-resolution observations of the red planet.  MOM knows best.


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