A Great Year of Perseid Meteors!

I’m back from vacation! And what a time it was up north seeing the Perseid meteor shower this year.  With no Moon and the best dark skies I have had all summer, the shower did not disappoint, with at least 50 per hour and perhaps as many as 80 where I was viewing!  I saw a few great shots on Reddit’s Astronomy sub.

Amazing Perseids 2015 shot from /u/TheAndrewBen
Galaxy and Perseids by /u/xHaZxMaTx

I didn’t catch any meteors in my photos, and not for lack of trying.  I am still a rookie astrophotographer, so I had some trouble getting the settings right on my camera, even though I spent two hours taking photos during the wee hours of Wednesday night to Thursday morning.  Once I clean a few of them up, I’ll at least share the dark sky star fields I captured, some of which looked very nice at first.

Although I didn’t capture any photos, the time spent with my girlfriend and my parents was worth it, and it is always fun to share my love and passion for astronomy with those I love.  This was the best meteor shower I’ve seen in years, and the best summer of stargazing I’ve had in recent memory, so far.  Pics or not, my love of the stars continues to shine.


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