Happy Friday: New Photo Release from New Horizons!

It’s like a birthday to an astronomer when new science data comes in.  I will always love seeing new photos from the Pluto system, and with terabytes of data left to download from new horizons, we’re going to have a lot of presents over the next few months.  Our latest gift gives us some new images from the flyby, showing surface features and atmosphere.  These are stunning.

This may be my favourite picture ever. Credit: NASA / New Horizons
Credit: NASA / New Horizons
Credit: NASA / New Horizons
Credit: NASA / New Horizons
Say Hello to Charon! Credit: NASA / New Horizons
Atmosphere on Pluto Credit: NASA / New Horizons

These incredible photos show the surprising complexity of surface features on Pluto.  The gorgeous variation in the surface is reminiscent of Mars, amazing considering the lack of sunlight this distant world receives.

The long awaited views of Pluto have not disappointed.  It truly feels like we have made a leap in knowledge about our cosmic horizon.  We truly have discovered a new horizon.


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