Autumn Colours / Stellar Camping

This weekend will be a great chance for me to enjoy the change in season.  I’ll be up north in Ontario’s Algonquin Park, to do some photography of the autumn leaves.  If weather permits, I’ll definitely be aiming to do astrophotography as well.

Autumn arrives from Space in 2014. Credit: NASA

I grew up an hour north of Toronto, in the farm country outside of Barrie, Ontario.  Every time I go home for thanksgiving in early October I am amazed at the changes that can happen only an hour north.  Algonquin park is a good 3.5 hour drive, and will provide a stunning look at the seasonal change that slowly moves south.

This is why I’m going North.

I’m also hoping for good weather up north this weekend, in order to see the stars shine and take another shot at my slowly growing astrophotography portfolio.  The latest thing I’ve been playing with is attempting to do time-lapse photography.  It will take a lot of practice and some luck in getting clear skies, but I always look forward to the fresh air and escape of a nice camping trip!


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