Ceres and Photoshop

NASA has been zeroing in on certain features of dwarf planet Ceres and looked at them in more detail.  Here are the most surprising as well as what we know so far.

There are a few other great videos in this playlist, but the first one gives a great summary of what has been seen so far.  The most surprising and interesting feature of Ceres in my opinion has been the Occator crater.  With the enigmatic bright spots that have been observed since the Dawn spacecraft approached Ceres, we are seeing them in finer detail than ever before, and we may finally have some clues as to what the bright spots are.

Occator Crater photoshopped to oblivion. Credit: NASA

An enhanced image of Occator shows discoloration at the peak of the bump, producing a fascinating detail that gives depth to the feature.  With Dawn at it’s lowest orbit over Ceres, it will get the highest resolution data possible, giving mission scientists a chance to figure out what is really going on with Ceres.  This offers clues to the formation of the solar system, and where we all came from too.

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