Review: Planetary

On the heels of my last review, I watched another movie with a space-documentary theme.  Though it started out with the human perspective from space, it progressed into so much more.  This is the TVO documentary called Planetary.

It began with Apollo.  Humanity broke the bonds of our world and set foot on another heavenly body.  For the first time, we could look back and see the world as it truly is.  One of my favourite quotes from the movie came up early, though I’m paraphrasing: We are the Earth, and the Earth is all of us.  Seeing the Earth from space was the first time the Earth saw itself, through our eyes. A wonderful thought.

The documentary progresses by interviewing several philosophers, scientists, thinkers, and spiritual leaders.  It becomes more about perspective and connection with the Earth, and how we as humans have changed the way we interact with our planet.  A major theme of the film is how humans have grown a profound self-importance.  Our ego has grown out of control and we are disconnected from nature.  The more we get, the more we want, and yet no one is happy.

It was a very thought-provoking film, and changed my perspective on a lot of things, which is exactly what I want from a documentary.  And even as a person who considers himself connected with nature and knowledgeable about science, my perspective was expanded.  It digs deep at why we’re going the way we are, and makes us wonder if it’s really the right path for our species and our planet.

Some of the ideas went a bit too far for me, however.  I found myself at points rolling my eyes as the spiritual hippie perspective ‘hold hands and become one with nature’ was expressed.  But when it scaled it back and kept things a bit more realistic, it was excellent.

If you watch it for one reason, let it be that it will make you think.  About your life, about the world, about humanity, and about how we are all living.

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