Juno July

As Canadians start up Canada day celebrations and Americans get ready for their independence day, the world of space exploration holds its breath and hopes for a good result.  On July 4th, the Juno spacecraft will arrive at Jupiter after a five year long journey.  NASA continued its recent theme of producing movie-trailer-like videos to promote the mission.

Although I love the imagery and the design of the trailer, it feels cheesy to me.  Maybe it’s because I find movie trailers cheesy in general, and this is trying to appeal to the general public.  Though regardless of how I feel, if it gets the layperson excited about any space mission, I can get behind it.

Juno is expected to begin two years of science operations in an elliptical orbit around Jupiter, once it slows down from it’s interplanetary journey.  It will study Jupiter’s structure and atmospheric composition, as well as it’s powerful magnetic field and space environment.

The data will help piece together the history and evolution of our solar system, giving insights into how other solar systems might form and ultimately helping us understand where we all came from.

Plus, if you tune in to NASA TV at 1pm EST today – you’ll get a mission update!


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