Podcasting about Astronomy

I love working on different projects every day.  Some days I present planetarium shows, some days I do a radio show, some days I’m doing video conference calls with school children, and some days I’m on TV commenting on recent space news.  I enjoy the variety that being a science communicator offers.  In that spirit, I want to introduce a project I’ve been working on for the past year, a podcast called “The Expanding Universe.”

Together with my good friend Jesse Rogerson (@JesseRogerson), a fellow astronomer and science communicator, we have been recording an episode every two weeks on average, where we have a conversation on topics in Astronomy and Space Science.  The goal is to offer some content and discussion on what is happening from the perspective of two people who understand the science and communicate it to the public on a daily basis.

We have recorded about 20 episodes and edited 6 of them, which are all published on Youtube here.

We really don’t take ourselves too seriously, and are doing this as a fun project to improve our skills and talk about the science we love.  Hopefully it can help others understand concepts in astronomy and space science, while creating some discussion on how these topics affect our society.  Take a listen, send some feedback, and join the conversation!

(I promise I’ll get back to more regular blogging soon – big things are coming)


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