A new Podcast and an Astronomy in Action Update

Long time no see internet.  I’ve survived a busy end of year performing my Astronomy shows for kids of all ages, and now the summer is here.

I started by finishing up Part 2 of my supernova podcast.  The second part is more of the up to date stuff, and you can find it here.  I’m taking suggestions for my next podcast topic, so feel free to give suggestions.

This summer is a bit of a revamp and leap for my companies.  I’m developing a new series of science shows called EPIC Science, consisting of high energy demos that are both interactive and educational.  The planetarium is in for repairs until a few summer camp bookings come around in a few weeks, and the website www.astronomyinaction.com is due for some long needed maintenance and redesign (thanks to a few key friends for a site review and feedback).

Coming soon is my review of Astrid as a productivity tool. It can’t be that great if its taken me 3 extra  weeks to review it 🙂

Happy Canadian Summer!

One thought on “A new Podcast and an Astronomy in Action Update

  1. Shane

    Astrid is being shuttered! I’d suggest either Wunderlist or Remember the Milk (which is what I’m stuck on)

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