Rubik’s Cube – My First Time Challenge

I have never, not once, in my life, solved or seriously attempted to solve a Rubik’s cube.

I had all kinds of puzzles and games growing up, so I wasn’t deprived at all, it just never happened.  I feel I was just past the generation that was introduced to the cube, and maybe a quick look as a kid convinced me it wasn’t worth the time.  I also think that never seeing one in a store as a child was a factor, or maybe I was just into video games.

While training for my new part time job this week I noticed a book on the table in the break room:

2013-09-25 17.32.54
The theory book

I started reading it, and a couple of coworkers made some comments, leading to a conversation about a piece of my youth apparently missing.  I’m not entirely sure how but we got on the idea of me using the book to solve a cube, and my coworker Helena said she would bring a rubik’s cube to work this Sunday so I could give it a try.

The only catch is that I couldn’t practice beforehand.  So the challenge was issued.  I would study and read the book without actually seeing or practicing on a cube, real or simulated, for three days.  Then I would, for the first time ever, make a serious attempt to solve a cube as quickly as possible.

The whole point of this is the old idea of knowledge vs. experience.  Is the fastest way to gain a skill to read about it? Or to experience it over and over?

I think the true answer is both, but here I am testing my visualization skills to master a cube with zero experience.

I’ll see if I can videotape my attempt on Sunday.

I’d post a picture of a rubik’s cube but I’m not allowed to look at one….only the book cover.

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